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With the growth of the population in urban areas, consumers had to depend on milk vendors who keep cattle, due to which several cattle sheds developed in different cities creating environmental problems. With the main objective to maximise profit, the milk vendors started increasing the lactation period of high yielding cattle creating development of sterility problems in them, which reduced the number of calving. The unproductive cattle were then sold to slaughter houses and this practice systematically reduced the country of its genetically superior breeds.

With the initiation of India’s first Five-Year Plan, modernization of the dairy industry helps to complete the goal to provide hygienic milk to the country’s growing population. To stimulate milk production, the government implemented Development Projects among other programs.

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NDRI – National Dairy Research Institute

The National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal was established at Bangalore in 1923 as Imperial Institute of Animal Husbandry and Dairying. In 1936 it was renamed as Imperial Dairy Institute. After the independence of India, in 1947 it was renamed to its current name. In 1955 the institute’s headquarters moved to Karnal. The status of deemed to be university was conferred to the institute in 1989.