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Agriculture is the main occupation in India. Our 70% of population is depends on agriculture directly or indirectly. It is the main source of food, fodder and fuel & thus the basic foundation of economic development by providing highest contribution to national income. Generally speaking, agriculture is production of crops and live stock on a farm. In Economics, agriculture means cultivation of crops along with animal husbandry, poultry, dairy farming, fishing and even forestry. 

The significance of agriculture as follows

1.Contribution to National Income

2.Main food source

3.Role in Industrial development


5.Foreign Trade

6.International business


8.Economic Development


The development of agriculture has much to do with the economic welfare of our country. Our agriculture remained under developed for a long time, but the things are changing now. Great improvements have been made in agriculture through our five year plans & Green Revolution in the agricultural field after the independence.

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The Government has set up agencies like the Food Corporation of India to purchase the farm produce directly from the farmers at Government rates so that the farmers may not be fleeced by the middlemen.

Thus we see that every effort is being made to develop our agriculture and boost the agriculture production. We should not rest here. We should continue our efforts to develop our agriculture still further.

ICAR – Indian Council for Agricultural Research (Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare)

ICAR is an apex body under Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India dedicated to agricultural research, education and extension in the country through a country wide network of Institutions and KVKs.

ICAR serves various categories of stakeholders, such as farmers, students, entrepreneurs, researchers and others interested in agricultures and allied sectors.

ICAR- Public Interface has been developed as a public-connect platform for stakeholders in more efficient, quick and simple manner by direct approach. Users can send their queries through web interface or SMS directly to Subject Matter Divisions of ICAR or Research Institutes and receive response quickly.