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Agricultural work with a pair of Bull


Agriculture in the world generates two-thirds of total employment, provides food to the increasing population with a contribution of a 25% of total export earnings. Farming and animal husbandry play a vital inter-dependent role in the mixed-farming system with the help of livestocks to perform multiple functions. This includes provision of food, nutrition, income, savings, manure and other social/ cultural/ family functions.

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Healthy cow with her calf


Dairying is an important source of subsidiary income to small/ marginal farmers and agricultural labourers. The manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields. The gober gas from the dung is used as fuel for domestic purposes as also for running engines for drawing water from well. The surplus fodder and agricultural by-products are gainfully utilised for feeding the animals.

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Cows enjoying natural enviroment - Good Quality Dairy Milk Production


While animal husbandry is a part of our mixed farming, the system of production is still not well integrated and maximum value is not always gained from the inputs and outputs. There is scope for basic improvements which can lead to greater integration and productivity through the produce.

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A well maintained Cow Shed in Modern Dairy


We promote the empowerment of small dairy farmers, both men and women, families in the value chain and business ownership/ management process. This encourages their participation in rural areas with a complete package of milk production-enhancing technologies, organizational skills and a milk collection-processing-marketing system.

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The Central and State Governments Institutions are giving considerable financial assistance to create infrastructure facilities for milk production.

Loan from banks with refinance facility is also available for starting Dairy Farm Project.
NABARD – National Bank For Agriculture and Rural Development
VISION – Development Bank of the Nation for Fostering Rural Prosperity.
MISSION – Promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural development through participative financial and non-financial interventions, innovations, technology and institutional development for securing prosperity.

Pioneering Rural Management – Education & Research

IRMA – Institute of Rural Management Anand
Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) is a leading business school committed to creating professional management for underserved segments of the economy
IRMA is driven by the dream of serving under-served segments of the economy through professional management.
Founded in 1979, IRMA is focused on creating management professionals who can bring about the change by applying their management acumen at the grass root level while influencing the public policy narrative at a national and a global level. Creating management professionals who can bring about sustainable, ecologically-friendly and equitable growth.
IRMA’s synergy with Government and Non-Government Institutions as well as International Development Organizations provides the students, an ideal ecosystem for learning, research as well as implementation experience of real on-the-ground projects.